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Project planning is the
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Winston Lawrence

Senior Project manager with more than 15 years experience in Information Technology Projects and a strong track record with implementing client needs in an efficient, cost-effective approach.

Project teams have ranged from small local deployments to large, diverse global engagements. The key to managing these engagements has been a strong focus on communications with the teams, stakeholders and management and also strongly encouraging communications between teams whenever possible.

Excellent technology skills including UNIX, Windows, Networking protocols and network communications.

I no longer consider myself a developer but stay current with technology trends. For example: This web site is managed in a private Github repository and deployed to its cloud hosting environment via with one command (and a couple of bash scripts).
Changes are made and can be tested completely off-line before live deployment.
I am also currently testing and debugging a DOCKER container version of this site that should allow more seamless development, testing, staging and deployment in the future