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Why I am not on Facebook

Facebook non s'il vous plaitJust in the past month or so I have received emails from people I know and some who I don't remember ever meeting asking why I haven't responded to their  FaceBook requests.

So, this post is just to set the record straight this particular Winston Lawrence is not on Facebook and whoever you all are "Liking" on Facebook, is probably a really cool character with lots of insanely great street cred (after all we share the name), but, sorry to disillusion you  - it isn't me.  I am also not one of the dozen or so folks still using MySpace either.  In their favor, MySpace folks are either much more laid back or just less insecure about being "Liked" or connecting up.  I'm not completely anti-social though - you can find me hanging out on LinkedIn.

I understand that a lot, millions even, of people swear by Facebook and some folks swear at Facebook because of security issues or privacy issues or social problems encountered  by rejecting "Like" requests from your boss (or  employees). I am just basically agnostic where Facebook is concerned. I don't really care about it and I don't see why I should spend time updating my status or re-assuring casual aquaintances and even worse, companies, that I really do like them.

If you want to know what I'm up to then read the blog, or send me an email, tweet me on Twitter or TEXT me some deet's. Just don't try to "poke" me or anything as it will be somebody else and I take no responsibility if they will ever "Like" you nor how they will respond to being "Poked".

Winston Lawrence

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