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What is #HireFriday?

help wanted ad I just stumbled onto the #HireFriday hashtag a week ago. The hashtag is a tweet that contains the term e.g my tweet for today:   "IT & Project manager: Infrastructure, Network and Web.  Hands-on technical or analysis".
Essentially the #HireFriday hashtag appears to be a spontaneous Twitter movement (@HRmargo)  to get recruiters to actually engage with and help job seekers. The #HireFriday Twitter community encourages cross-over communications to sites like LinkedIn and of course lots of blogs which is only natural because your Twitter PR moment STILL has to fit within about 120 characters (you need to leave room in the 140 character maximum for your message to be RETWEETED by others).  If the recruiters (at least on #HireFriday) just respond to job seekers and clear out their in-box by responding to applicants it would be a good start.

  1. Unfortunately, the current modus operandi is one where recruiters have no problem requesting and accepting resumes they just seem to be incapable of responding to them. This leads to the common complaint from job-seekers that we submit resumes or are even asked by recruiters to submit resumes and then no response, complete silence, or if we get an interview there is frequently not even the minimal common courtesy of communicating back to the applicants.

When you add-in job boards and web sites with expired jobs and fake jobs, recruiters (and job boards) that sell information on to email lists and spammers - well not only isn't the playing field level its completely flooded.

So, #HireFriday is a small attempt to bring some semblance of balance back to the process by leveraging social media. It's too early to tell but today is Friday - you can catch my #HireFriday hashtag on Twitter @WinstonLawrence and I would LOVE to hear from other #HireFriday users - leave a comment - point to your LinkedIn profile or online resume but more importantly tell me if #HireFriday is working for you or not.

My tweet for today: IT & Project manager: Infrastructure, Network and Web.  Hands-on technical or analysis

Winston Lawrence

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