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Tools for the Job Search challenged

I have been keeping a running list of job search tools and sites. The main criteria being that they are wholly or in part free to use and that they are useful. I don't have Dice, CareerBuilder or Monster on this list, not because they are not useful but because they should already be on any internet job searchers short list (at least the resume should be up there).

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Lots of good job search leads, tools and sections on this site. I like this section because people that have actually been interviewed at a company post the questions that they were asked. Of course past performance is no guarantee of future success but why would you go on an interview at a company without being as fully prepared as possible.

Think of this site as your personal assistant for the job search. I want to like this site it seems to have a lot going for it but it is somewhat intimidating (why the emphasis on entering all of my contacts for example - I dont need another Plaxo). I'm going to take one of their webinars before I make up my mind to keep this link or drop it.

It's LinkedIn - If you don't know about this site and you're looking for a professional position then you may have a job search problem since networking is the way to go and LinkedIn is probably the premiere way to keep track of, add to and communicate with your former, current and future networking colleagues.

A new addition to me and I haven't used it a lot as yet but this sites 'hook' that separates it from other job site aggreators is that it searches company web sites for the positions. Sometimes companies post to Careerbuilder or Monster etc and then point back to their site for the actual application process and sometimes they only post some jobs on their web sites.

Another JRM (Job Resource manager) solution like JibberJobber. Once you get past the opening screen weirdness - why a site would want to make its users jump through hoops just to sign in and get started is beyond me (and yes I know its still beta) but once you do sign in.....
Yippeejobs proudly proclaims its CRM roots showing that it is built in part on top of the succesful open-source SugarCRM solution. If you are familiar with CRM applications then this tool will have the shortest learning curve. I like it so far, but will have to use it some more.

So what do you think comments, particularly suggestions for any job search sites that you find useful will be added and if there is enough interest I'll make this post a 'sticky'.

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