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Time to Break some eggs

We're now in about day 8 or so since Fox, My 9 and Cablevision parted ways. It doesn't really bother me that much since the main program that I watch on Fox is Fringe and to be honest this whole season so far is stacked on the TIVO since I haven't had time to watch it. Darned if I can think of anything on My 9 that I watch even when I do have the time. I did try reconnecting my roof antenna but in the tangle of cables down in that corner of my basement I seem to be missing that particular cable. 

Meanwhile, the FCC, proving just how irrelevant they are these days, has done nothing but issue media sound-bites. It really is too easy to get programming from the internet these days for these two organizations to be acting the way they are. In fact, if they hadn't been given effectively a government monopoly, they wouldn't be able to act this way due to that annoying practice called competition.

I dropped the land-line phone a year ago along with about 70 percent of the bill that I used to give to Cablevision - I think that by this time next year, and probably a lot sooner the rest of the Cable services will be dropped as well. As for FOX, blocking the Cablevision signal only hurts themself - I can't get FOX over the air so when the Cable goes, FOX goes with it and any of their content I might have watched, will be coming from the internet if I still want to bother watching it. In an era of literally 100's of channels and all the programming that you could wish for on the internet, the broadcast networks are on very rocky ground. A lot of people are cutting th cable card and a lot of tech-savvy viewers o never even bother with a cable subscription, preferring internet based entertainment sites. 

That's it, Day eight and it is time for our elected officials to go break some eggs-

Winston Lawrence

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