Winston Lawrence

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Power of the Google!

Google's curious curated search results

       The above screenshot probably wont last very long as it is rather a low-tech, ham-fisted approach to solving some kind of problem that Google thinks must exist. If you, at least in the U.S Google site, search for shopping with the word "gun" included, you are returned with zero results. So as some of the online comments about this have already noted, no "staple gun", no "spray gun", and no "Burgundy" for you. However, if you ask for firearms you can still shop till you drop - clearly this is no sophisticated Google AI model at work.

So, it is not quite clear just what Google is trying to achieve with this search result blockage and currently it is only applied to shopping not regular Google searches, but it certainly makes clear in a highly visible way just how much Google tailors and modifies search results and the power they have over content. This is a slippery slope and Google may have just put itself in some cross-hairs (pun intended) for legislative action

Winston Lawrence