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Online Job Site Scammers!


As if looking for a job isn't difficult enough, job seekers need to be particularly aware of the job scammers who have picked up on online job sites as a means to target job seekers. Above are some example emails (click on image to enlarge) - and yes they are images since I wasn't entirely sure there were no malicious links or anything else inside the email so I was not about to copy and paste the original into this blog post.

You can see the carefully tuned job description (complete with spelling errors):
Data entry/ Customer Service/ Exectuive Assistant/Procurement/ Operations Manager/Management Trainee/Assistant Manager/Finance & Accounts.
I think they left off "Chief cook" and "Bottle Washer" but seriously pay attention folks this clearly screams scam artist. Also note how cleverly they describe the company where you will be working (hint: they don't).

DO NOT send these people personal information - there is no job they either:
  • Pull your information into their own database to sell.
  • Will eventually ask you to pay for something.
  • or will pull the PFS or Primerica fake job interview con. The con is pretty well described in this blog post, but generally will begin with a phone call to setup a job interview where the neither the job nor the position is well-defined the emphasis is on getting you to agree to come in for an interview. On Long Island I got this one from "Steven" and a company at various times calling itself PFS and Roussis operating out of Melville, with some 40 "branches" that they needed a regional manager/director to support. Needless to say PFS/ROUSSIS is Primerica multi-level marketing, no job and a nationwide equal opportunity fake to sell insurance at inflated prices. The PFS flaks troll job sites to pickup job seekers as cheap cannon fodder.
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