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jwbone This is the second part of a two part post [part 1], now that I have been using the UP for nearly two weeks. So far I like it, and I have found out I am more active than I thought even with long hours spent commuting and even longer hours sitting at a desk. The UP indicates that on an 'average' day I am still walking about 3.5 miles. The UP also showed that I was not getting nearly as much sleep as I thought, i.e noticeably less than 6 hours - so I am now going to bed an hour earlier in general.

I haven't got so much data, with less than two weeks usage under my belt, that I need external spreadsheets and such but there is a Google Docs script that a Jawbone user put together that does a pretty good job of showing the UP data in a variety of charts and I am looking out to see if anyone else has created a similar version for Excel or Open Office.  Jawbone user Aurelien created an UP Google docs analysis script here:

Nothing has changed as far as I can tell in the Android App availability department, so my warning from the first post still stands. Try the App on your Android device before you buy the UP. If you can't get the app because Google Play won't let you download it - or even worse can't run the app wouldn't you rather know this before you layout $129.00+ for the UP?

My stock, non-rooted Xoom running official Jelly Bean was not allowed to download the app from Google play - luckily I got it from another Android user and loaded and ran it just fine. Syncing the tablet with the UP was not a problem but there were a couple of times that I wanted to try timing an activity when of course I did not have my tablet (to sync and see results not to initiate the activity) and it would be cool to run this from my phone so....

I updated my Samsung exhibit over lunch a couple of days ago to Cyanogenmod 9.1, i.e. now running Ice Cream Sandwich. I loaded and ran the UP App just fine. While I had rooted my phone almost from day one to get rid of the installed T-Mobile/Samsung installed crapware, I was still running stock Android with updates. I should have done the ROM upgrade ages ago. ICS on the Samsung exhibit is SO much faster, has noticeably better battery life and a user friendly ICS interface (ICS) all in all its been a good week living with UP!

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