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If the role were reversed and I sent this email – would YOU hire ME?

P.....n is seeking  Management Consultant/Sr. Project Manager's to  help define a straetgy for a streamlined customer onboarding service model and user experience for a brokerage cleint's advisors and service associates.  Consultant should have top notch SME skills in brokerage as well as be able to run streams of work
15 + years experience in the brokerage Industry
candidate must have heavy PM skills - focus on Wealth Mngt/Private Client
Work with both Technology and Business employees
 Great Client Facing skills is a must for both. Large scale project initiatves.
 MUST be able to present a Strong Strategic vision
Skill Description
Sr Project Mngt. Strong Business focus. Able to handling multi work streams.
excellent writing and analytical skills
Experience on solutions type (fixed) strategy engagments a plus
Experience w/ Customer on -boarding

There are a lot of articles written about what job candidates should do to prepare their resumes and cover letters. Candidates are urged to pay attention to their grammar and spelling if they hope to land even a phone interview. But what about the other side of the conference table? Would you take an offer from an employer seriously if it were written like a 411 email scam? How about taking strategic career advice from a recruiter that can't spell strategy?

The above email from an IT recruiting/consulting company is so poorly written that I first thought that it was a joke. Let's look at this from the point of view that the recruiter should be taking. The Senior Project Manager position will probably bring the recruiting company anywhere from about $20,000 to $30,000 for an employee position and about the same figure for a six to nine month contract position. If we take $20,000 as a reasonable estimate then this email represents a $20,000 opportunity for this recruiting company.

Does this look like an email that you would send to attract and land a $20,000 opportunity? Even if the spelling were correct, stringing together buzz words without understanding what they mean will not attract qualified candidates. At a minimum, I would expect the recruiting company to adhere to the same standards that job seekers are expected to follow  and at least use plain business common-sense. I don't know how many other Sr. Project Manager candidates received this email, but I would love to see the responses of the ones that replied :-)

Winston Lawrence

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