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Google broadband – still waiting

Google high speed Broadband


Google has delayed selecting the town to receive a free fiber-to-the home network. A lot of towns are hoping to see their location selected for the 1 gigabit fiber network.

Of course being on the cutting edge of new Google apps designed to take advantage of all that bandwidth is also an incentive - but for now everyone will have to wait because Google still isn't saying.

I'm pretty sure that my town is not in the running for GoogleNet - but it's safe to say that if Google delivers widespread fiber in say the next decade, they will still beat out Verizon. Verizon has advertised FIOS existence in my town almost from day one of its (at least four years now) that is, until you try to actually order it - then they will cheerfully tell you about the wonders of the DSLservice that they also happen to provide.  
Somewhere in my town there is a house
A house with a FIOS link
Only Verizon knows for sure 
you can ask, but will ask in vain. 
You will get DSL,likely ADSL,
have patience - do not ask for more, 
The reps will shrug and with a wave 
point you to a Cablevision store. 
(apologies to the The Animals)

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