Winston Lawrence

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Google - Bring it.

Google is 'into' a lot of things these days and I  love Android, Gmail and Googlevoice just to name a few areas, but I'm beginning to miss the days when Google was just a search engine. Google got to where it is because it was an extremely good and probably the best internet search engine. What happened? Today, unless I want to know about Britney Spears latest album a lot of Google search results just seem to range from useless to irrelevant.

Yes, if you use advanced search, bracketed keyword and date range filters you can still get decent search results but this is a long way from what used to be the Google trademark minimalist drop dead easy. The internet really needs Google 2.0 classic. whether or not that is delivered by Google present.

While I am on the Google roll. Can I donate the $100.00 Adwords gift you keep tossing my way to say "Doctors without Borders"? Can they in turn cash it in? I'm not interested in buying into Adwords fueled Pagerank schemes no matter how attractive and lucrative you make them seem. You and J C Penney go off into a corner and slug it out. This is just a a blog.  I'm not selling stuff and I neither want nor ask for your editorial advice as to whom I should talk to, follow or lead.

Honestly, if you published the constitution every amendment would open with "sponsor-targeted Adword links" and close with a "no follow" tag.  Bring on Google Classic and thanks in advance.

Winston Lawrence

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