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Cablevision triple play expired

Cablevision convinced me about two years ago to add on some services with their triple play promotion. I had Cablevision internet for about $60.00 a month and DirectTV (Satellite). When I bought an HDTV I would have had to install another satellite dish and another (two) receivers plus some wiring changes. Cablevision said that I could add family cable plus all the STARZ movie channels plus a digital phone line for about $100 a month (actually came to about $115.00 with fees plus their DVR cable-box) - so I dropped satellite and went with Cablevision.

Fast forward - the triple play expired and now the cable bill was jumping to at least $185.00 a month and while I never got a straight answer from the sales reps it looked like it was probably going to top $200.00 a month for the same service that I had been getting. Time to unplug the cable.

I dropped the Digital phone and got an OOMA instead. I dropped the internet and went to Verizon DSL. I dropped all of the programming and went with Broadcast Basic plus IO digital. Movies and cable TV shows now come from Netflix, Hulu and a couple of other sources. My Cable bill went from $115.00 a month to $30.00 per month. Even adding in the Verizon DSL it's still more than $50.00 a month lower than the triple play cable bill and well over $100.00 lower than than the expected (new) cable bill.

I'm not knocking Cablevision but in this economy do they think that they are recession proof, or the only game in town? They seriously need to bring in some competent business and technology leadership. They have so much valuable customer data that they could leverage in social media (but don't) and good technology that could be used to retain and build the customer base but isn't. When is the last time anyone said I'm going to login to Cablevision's web portal? With the rise in Gmail folks arent even using their 'free' cable email.

Just like many folks are unplugging their land-line phones - once it starts, unplugging cable (for everything other than internet services) will become a rush. After all, it's not like cable is indispensable when today, anyone can choose from as many movies that cable provides (and more) each and every month for little more than the price of popcorn.

Winston Lawrence

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