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A Metaphor for Complexity

Metaphor for Complexity

It's amazing how electronics just seem to multiply just adding new functionality in a dynamic ever changing tapestry that this image captures perfectly. At first, I added a video server to my home network to capture DVD quality content from the satellite dish. Later on, I added a DVD player that supported playing network audio content. Then came laptops and smartphones. The satellite morphed into cable and then cable was dropped in favor of pure internet. TIVO and DVD's have dissappeared to become re-incarnated as ROKU and digital storage (NAS) for everything.  

The most recent addition to the network was the NAS server, based on FREENAS then a (truly awful SEAGATE NAS) and then a (excellent) SYNOLOGY NAS. The NAS now covering around 8 Terrabyte online plus and a similar amount in backup, supports HTTP (a mini web site for content access), WEBDAV, FTP, SAMBA and CIFS. So any device on the home network from smart-phone to ROKU can create or consume content directly on the NAS.  


Winston Lawrence

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